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Thank you all for your generous donations

Dear friends and supporters of The Bansang Swiss Project, It has been an exciting and eventful last couple of months here, with a variety of targets increasing in support and resources and for this we would like to thank you.

Our first evaluation trip to the region was a possibility to assess the needs of and build further our links with the Bansang community. Following our initial outreach to raise awareness of our cause, we have received numerous generous donations as well as bringing on board potential patrons interested in supporting our infrastructure development initiatives as well as supporting individual pupilage of students across schools.

With our website coming to life in it’s fully updated guise, we felt fit to publish our first blog post thanking you all, for the donations, for raising awareness of the project and for your continuous support. We look forward to sharing with you some developments and a breakdown of initiative allocations we have been working on. Until then, we wish you an excellent month of March and a good week. The Bansang Swiss Project team


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