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Projects - Njoren Staff Quarters - Part 2

Dear Supporters of The Bansang Swiss Project, Continuing on our series of posts detailing the construction of the Teaching Staff quarters of the school grounds of Njoren, we are happy to take you through the journey we have been lucky to share with the Njoren community. Construction was rather smooth these past few months, including during fasting for the holy month of Ramadan. Local teams have been co-ordinating to deliver excellent craftwork, a testament to the high standards upheld in the Bansang community. We are happy to be able to relay that members of the community, young and old, as well as the government Construction Monitor Mr.Jarju have all come to support our contractor in their own free time to speed up the completion of the community project supported by The Bansang Swiss project. We have initiated a workbook thanks to on-site co-ordinator Mr. Faal, inviting all people collaborating in this project to sign and leave a trace of their involvement in this accomplishment. The structure, standing at the height of almost 2 meters, was belted with concrete provided by The Bansang Swiss Project in a bid to boost the life expectancy of the building. The foundation of the building is also reinforced with a line of cement blocks, offering additional support to the structure when exposed to rain. Each room also has a cement built bed frame, to guarantee the longevity, solidity and salubrity of the accommodation.

The continuation of the project saw the installation of the roof as well as additional work to guarantee the resistance of the walls to adverse weather conditions. We look forward to sharing more in our next post! Regards, The Bansang Swiss Project Team


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