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The Bansang Swiss Project Donates Furniture, Computers, and Digital and Printed Course Books to Schools in Bansang Cluster.

On February 23, 2024, thanks to a collaboration with a financial institution from the Vaud region of Switzerland we were able to deliver a significant donation to six schools in the Bansang Cluster, aimed at improving educational infrastructure and resources. The donation, valued at 960,000 GMD, includes 120 tables, 240 chairs, SSD computers, English teaching books, 3 progressive teaching levels of digital course books to the 6 schools we support, with an aim of contributing towards the implementation of digitalized teaching and learning materials in schools, and sports wear, marking a substantial step towards enhancing educational opportunities in region five South.

Each school received a tailored package of resources, including tables, chairs, computers, English teaching books, digital course books, and sports wear. The beneficiaries are: Bansang Upper Basic School, Bansang Senior Secondary School, Dobang Kunda Lower Basic School, Bansang Lower Basic School, Njoren Basic Cycle School, and Daru Lower Basic School.

Speaking on the initiative, Minister Claudiana Cole commended The Bansang Swiss Project for its continuous support in improving educational standards in the region, emphasizing the significance of the donated materials in shaping a brighter future for Gambian youth.

Nicola Ambrosi de Magistris Verzier, Treasurer of The Bansang Swiss Project, expressed gratitude for the collaboration with partners in Switzerland and The Gambia, emphasizing the importance of delivering valuable materials to support students.

Caroline Ambrosi de Magistris Verzier, Founder of the association, highlighted the association's commitment to enhancing educational opportunities for Gambian youths. She acknowledged the support of the Ministry of Education, particularly Minister Claudiana Cole, in facilitating their efforts.



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