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Update March 2023

The Bansang Swiss Project team would like to thank you for your continued support since we started this committed journey in 2018.

As we know Covid -19 majorly disrupted all fund raising events for obvious reasons.

We, like all, had to stop all events and like everyone, are slowly trying to pick up.

We are truly honoured to be able to add more supporters to our cause.

Giancarlo and Simona Ravano

Oscar and Eliane Sgarabottolo

These two couples have been instrumental in restarting our 2023 fund raising campaign.

We are planning a zoom event to introduce our new supporters with the two main university students benefitting at this moment from our financial and all round support

We would also like to thank our past supporters who provided us with fund raising prizes, as well as the attendees to our events and who are still supporting us.

The Landolt Family

The Knie Family- Franco and Claudia Knie- Himmapan

The Skorik Family

The Graine Family

Ludivine Pont- on behalf of Maison Moncler (2019)

Mirko Massignan- Heavensake

Tiziana Ragusa- Boutique Empire Montreux

Luc Massy – Massy Vins

Anna and Claudio Ceccarelli

Thank you very much – The Bansang Swiss project Team and the Bansangkas



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