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Njoren is a small very poor rural village very close to the border with Senegal.

The school (just like the village) has no electricity nor running water.

The priority in this school was to renovate or build the accommodation for teachers (who have to live on site as the school is hard to reach – a 9 km walk through a dusty/ muddy track in the bush from the main road). Until then, only male teachers were willing and able to share the previous tiny room in two or three (see pictures on right).

The school has 450 students and 16 teachers.

Already achieved through donor support:

 Building of 4 bedrooms' Teachers' living quarters 

☑ Supply of 4 manual grinding mills

Jolly Phonics material 

Stationery (exercise books, pencils, colour pencils, chalk, markers, vanguards) 

 5 Whiteboards and markers

  1 bicycle

  1 football and 1 volleyball

  Uniforms for poor children (2 uniforms cost GMD 850 i.e. about GBP 14/ CHF 16.60) *The Peter Da Costa Fund

  Subsidies for school meals – GMD 1 per meal (i.e. about GBP 0.015/ CHF 0.020) *The Peter Da Costa Fund 

Njoren still needs:

☐ Building of additional Teachers' living quarters

☐ New solar panel batteries

☐ Computer for staff and printer

☐ Computers for students

☐ Class furniture: benches/ chairs and tables



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