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The Peter Da Costa Fund

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Our dear husband, father, brother, cousin and uncle Peter was always passionate about causes bettering the educational lives of fellow Africans. This is why the Peter Da Costa Fund was actioned in February 2020, with an initial amount of GMD 20'000.00 which went towards the acquisition of school uniforms for the orphans in the region of Bansang. This amount was delivered to the Heads of the Mothers' Clubs of Bansang, Njoren, Daru and Dobang Kunda schools in charge of ensuring the making of their school uniforms. 
Dr. Christopher Da Costa has donated US$ 300 towards the purchase of lenses for glasses for the communities in the Bansang region. These will be distributed via the Ophthalmology student the association sponsors, through our free outreach programs in the village schools as well as for the elderly. 
Mrs. Isha B. Roche donated GMD 12,000 which will be devoted to the purchase of needed stationery and didactic material.
The Bansang Swiss Project donated milling machines to the different villages 1) to reduce the burden of the school girls having to mill the flour and 2) to create a sustainable initiative which would generate some income devoted to the Peter Da Costa Fund.
The main focus of this Fund is resolving immediate needs of the least fortunate children and schools in the region of Bansang.
As immediate needs change, the most urgent at present are 1) building of new Staff Quarters in some schools (most importantly in Daru and an additional one in Njoren where this would be in the form of a joint effort with the community, providing workforce) 2) installing water supply in two schools and 3) the provision of bicycles to the younger children who are obliged to commute long distances, bicycles which are then managed by the schools to allow new users to benefit.
Should you wish to contribute to this cause, the necessary bank coordinates are listed here below:

UBS Montreux (Switzerland)

IBAN: CH56 0024 9249 6045 5240 U


in favour of :


c/o Caroline Ambrosi de Magistris Verzier

1844 Villeneuve


Please specify “Peter Da Costa Fund” as the reason for payment.

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